Our happy team of fish filiters and fishmongers all have one thing in common – these lads seriously know their fish - it’s what they do!

 Knowledge and skills are passed from one generation to the next and we are always more than happy and eager to share this expert knowledge with anyone who will listen!

Beshoffs of Howth is the Wholesale division of the company. Established in 1996 and based here directly on the West Pier in Howth. We are one of Dublin’s Best known wholesale fishmongers.

Our wholesale team is dedicated to sourcing and supplying you with a diverse range of the Freshest Quality Seafood available.

The Company prides itself on a offering first rate customer service and our team are always on hand and eager to share their wealth of knowledge and passion for seafood.

See our sample product list below.

To contact a member of our Wholesale Team:

Call Alan or Frank on

01 8390766 or

email sales@beshoffs.ie


Sample Product List


N' Atlantic Irish Lobster

Live Lobster -Chix 450-590g

Wild Surf Clams

Palourde Clams large

Wild Cockles

Pasturised Crab Claw Meat 454g Tub

Fresh Crab Claws in Shell Raw

Live Brown Crab 500g +

Gooseneck Barnacle (Percebes)

Live Canadian Lobster 650/750g

Irish Scallops 20-30s Un Soaked

XXL King Scallops 16/18s

1/2 Shell King Scallops

N 'Atlantic Hand Dived Scallops 4/kg

Roaring Water Bay Rope Mussels 5kg Bag

Clarenbridge Rock Oysters size 2

Clarenbridge Native Oysters size 1

Razor Clams

N E Atlantic Whelks

Whole Langoustines 10-15s

Whole Langoustines 16/20s

Frozen Shellfish

Prawn Shells & Heads (10k)

Frozen Clam in Shell

Frozen Clam Meat 454grm

Cockle Meat 454g

Irish Brown Crab Meat 500g

Cooked Crab Claws 2kg Bags

Irish Crab Meat 400g

Soft Shell Crab Hotel - 18 pack

Roeless Scollops 1kg 20% Glaze

New Zealand Mussels 1kg Box

Frozen Mussel Meat 1kg

Premium Seafood cocktail 1kg

Salmon and Trout

Farmed Irish Rainbow Trout Gutted 250g+

Scottish / Norwegian Superior Farmed Salmon 2-3 kg

Scottish / Norwegian Superior Farmed Salmon 5-6k

Norwegian Superior Farmed Salmon 6-7

Scottish Superior Salmon Skin On D Trim 1600grm +

Irish Organic Salmon Fillet P&D

Irish Superior Organic Salmon 5 /6k

Scottish Farmed Salmon Fillet Boneless 1600grm+

Scottish Superior Farmed Salmon Descaled Boneless 1600grm+

Scottish Superior Salmon Portion 180-200grm p/d-trim

Scottish Superior Salmon Fillet Skinless Boneless 1500grm+

Scottish Superior Farmed Salmon S/P 180-200g

Scottish Salmon Fillet Skinless Boneless DTrim 1500+

Whole Farmed Irish Trout 1-1.3 Kg

Farmed Irish Trout Fillet 500g+ PB

Farmed IrishTrout fillets 500grm + PD

Farmed Trout Gutted 2-3kg

Smoked Salmon and Trout

Hot Smoked Salmon


Glenarm Organic Smoked Salmon Sliced 1KG

Long Slice - Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon Sliced D-Cut

Smoked Farmed Salmon Trimming

Smoked Farmed Salmon-Unsliced

Smoked Fish

Fresh Mackerel Bucklings

Smoked Coley

Smoked Eel 400-800grm

Natural Smoked Haddock

Boneless Kippers

Hot Smoked Mackerel Fillets

Smoked Cod Roe

Exotic / Imported

Greek Farmed Seabass 400-600g

Farmed Seabass Fillets 100-130g PBO

Farmed Seabass Fillets 140-180g PBO

Organic SeaBass 400/600 Grm

Farmed Black Soles 600/800g

Farmed French Gilt Head Bream 600-800g

Farmed Gilt Head Bream 400-600g

Sea Bream Fillet 100-140g

Farmed Greek Sea Bream Fillets 140-180 g

Organic Sea Bream 400/600g

Farmed Sea Bream 800-1000g

Red Snapper Fillet 500+ grm

French / Spanish Sardines

Farmed Stone Bass fillet ex 2/3kg fish

Farmed Stone Bass 2-3k

Fresh Swordfish - Chilean

SuperFish Tuna Sashimi

Sashimi Sri Lanka 2.5-3kg

Frozen Exotic / Imported

Frozen Octopus 1/2kg IQF

Frozen Bass Fillet 100/130g

Frozen Bass Fillet 140/180g

Red Mullet Fillets 60-80g - 1Kg Bag

Cornish Sardines 1kg

Red Snapper Fillets 500/800G IQF 10KG Case

Frozen Talipia Fillets 140-200grm 5kg Case

Fresh Fish

Line Caught Wild Sea Bass 1-2k

Line Caught Wild Sea Bass 2-3k

Line Caught Wild Sea Bass 3-4k

N Atlantic Black Sole 350+

North Atlantic Brill 1-2k

North Atlantic Brill Whole 2-3k

Large Cod Fillet 1000g+

Cod fillet 800g + PBO

Cod Fillet 800g+ PD

Cod 500g + PS

N'Atlantic Red Gurnard Fillets

Haddock Fillet Medium N E Atlantic

Haddock Fillet Large NE Atlantic

Wild Hake 2-4K

Wild Hake 4/6K

N Atl Large Hake Fillet X 2/3s

Medium Hake Fillets 250-500g x 1/2s

N Atl Large Hake Fillet PD X 2/3S

Norwegian Farmed White Halibut 3/5kg

Norwegian Farmed White Halibut 5/7kg

Wild Halibut 4-10 Kg

John Dory Medium 650+

N Atlantic John Dory 200-400grm

N Atl Large John Dory 1-2kg

North Atlantic Lemon Sole Fillets

North Atlantic Irish Whole Lemon Sole 500+

N'Atlantic Ling Fillets J cut/skinless

Mackerel Fillets -Scottish

Whole Mackerel Scottish -

Whole Monk Fish 2/4K

Monkfish Fillet X 2-4kg

N'Atlantic Monk Fish Tails 1-2kg

Whole N Atl Medium Plaice

N Atlantic Plaice Fillet large

Blonde Ray Wings 250+

N E Atlantic Red Mullet 200-300 grm

Fish Mix - Salmon-Smoked Coley-Panga

Slip Sole 150-350grm

N Atl - Irish Squid

Wild Turbot 1-2k

Wild Turbot 2/4kg

Wild Turbot 4/6k

Farmed Turbot 1/2kg Spanish

Farmed Turbot 3/4kg Spanish

N' Atlantic Whiting - Side fillet

Whole Gutted Whiting

N 'Atlantic White Pollock Fillet

N Atl white sole Fillets

Whole White Sole 400/600g

Frozen Fish

Battered Cod Goujons 1kg

Breaded Cod 5/6oz 24 pieces

Breaded Plaice 5/6oz 15s

Cod fillets 32oz+ Skinless Frozen at Sea 6.81 kg

Long Line Clear Ice Cod S/B 8-10oz

IQF -Lemon Sole Fillets 170-220 grm

Sea Frozen Irish Monktails 2-3kg

Pagasius Fillets 170-200grm

Plaice Fillets IQF 6-8oz 10k

Plaice Fillets 8/10oz 10kg

Frozen Large Squid South African

Frozen Baby Squid .454g block

Squid Tubes 1k U5s (Chinese)

White Bait 454g

Frozen Prawns

Penaeus Monodon White Prawn 10/15 Ecuador

Penaeus Monodon White Prawn 10/15 Ecuador

Penaeus Monodon White Prawn 20/30 Vietnam

Frozen 40/50 Gambas Primstar Brand 2kg Block

Frozen Langoustine Tails 80-100 3kg/carton

Red Argentine Shrimp 10/20s

Black Tigers C & P 31/40 450grm

Whole Tail Breaded Scampi Natural Crumb Scampi 454g

Black Tiger Whole 16-20 1KG

Black Tiger 16/20 Headless KANNI 1KG net weight

Black Tiger 41/50 P&D

Torpedo King Prawns 500grm 28-30s

BlackTiger Fan Tail IQF PD 16/20s

Black Tiger 16/20 IQF PD 1kg

Cold Water Pranws 150-200 2kg Bag

King Prawns in Filo Pastry 500g

F/Water Prawns 8/12 700g net (SOBI) Block

King Prawns Head On/Shell On 600grm Net

Pink Prawn Meat (Argentina) 50/70s 20% glaze

Supreem Prawns 2.5kg Bag 20% glaze

Whole Langoustine Prawn 17-20s 1kg 750grm net

Clogherhead LangoustineTails Seafrozen 30-40s

Brine Products

Anchovies in Oil 1kg round tray

Harenga caviar 120g

BOTTARGA-Smoked Grey Mullet Roe

Cold Water Prawns in brine 900g drained weight

Salt Cod Fillet 400-700grm

Cooked Crayfish Tails 1500g

Crevette Gris -Brown Shrimp 100g

Salmon Roe 100g Jar

Roll Mops 1.2k net

Squid ink 500g jar

Trout Roe - Goatsbridge 80g


Call Alan or Frank on 01 8390766 or

email: sales@beshoffs.ie